Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Guaraguao and Coqui

This photo of a guaraguao and its chick can be found at www.photosofpuertorico.com . Please visit this website to see more beautiful photos!

This photo of a coquí can be found at www.elyunque.com . Please visit this website to see more beautiful photos!

Giant bird of pray.
Smallest frog at bay.
In Puerto Rico's land,
They are very afraid.

Day and night,
night and day,
they live in the wilderness
of the bay.

Poison darts
from a the smallest frog at bay,
darkening the night,
of the giant bird of prey.

Day and night
night and day
they try to fight

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Up in the Himalayas,
Up where snow leopards live,
you don't have to worry
for cliff hanging snow,
and many more threats.
You should live with the animals,
They will teach you how to live like this,
They might even teach you,
To live in there for ever...
Just look at them closely, closely,
To live with them.

The Rain Forest

The rain forest is a wonder forest,
That grows day and night.
The howling keeps going on and on.
What will be next?
Will it be a giant roar of a jaguar?
A chewing of a volture?
Or the sweet sound of a small deer
that circles around a bush?
What will it be?
Most likely, the trees...

Friday, May 26, 2006

Wild Animals

Giraffes, zebras,
Gazzelles, and cheetahs,
all live in the grasslands of Africa.

Gazzelles live with zebras
that live by themselves.
They run like the wind
that goes fluttering
in the mane of a lion
or the legs of a cheetah.

While the African plains are such a delight
may be you will go to a place that's so bright!