Monday, May 26, 2008

Garfield-5 ways to fight depression

John comes into the room where Garfield is sleeping.

JOHN: Garfield, you’ve been in bed all day! Why don’t you go outside and play with your cat friends?
GARFIELD: [Sigh] I’m too depressed to go outside.
JOHN: But that’s one of the ways to stop having depression.
GARFIELD: Really? And there are other ways too?
JOHN: Yes! Of course! That’s one way, getting exercise. Another way is to look on the bright side.
GARFIELD: That’s not like me, John, that’s not like me.
JOHN: Well, you’ll just have to learn how to do that.
GARFIELD: [sigh] I’ll try…
JOHN: Another is telling your problems to other people.
GARFIELD: But not everybody! I don’t want everybody to know my problems!
JOHN: No! I mean like me!
GARFIELD: So you are saying I should say it to everybody…
JOHN: Come on Garfield, I’ve known you sinc eyou were a kitten!
GARFIELD: ok, ok… Is there anything else?
JOHN: Well, try to eat good things…
GARFIELD: You don’t need to say anything else, I humbly agree with you…
JOHN: [sigh] And another way…
JOHN: Try to identify you problems, but don’t go too far or you’ll be even more depressed. Oh… and I have one last thing…

Nermal enters the room…

NERMAL: What’s up guys?!
GARFIELD: I think I found the problem! [points at Nermal]