Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Sight (Part 3 of Poetry Night)

He is blind,
But he could see,
He could see with his ears.
He could even see you…

He fell off a cliff,
But once he got the Sight,
Nothing else mattered.

He used to be a warrior’s apprentice,
But now,
A Medicine cat.

This is Jaypaw,
The predestined cat with the Sight…

Myth (Tomorrow's Poem In Your Pocket Day) (Part 2 of Poetry Night)

Land scorched in darkness,
Like Hell all over again,
Dragons bear teeth with flames,
Harpies terrorize villages,
And a light,
In a small forest,
Once you escape the dreaded place,
That hunted your life,
You find a happy place,
With unicorns and angels,
But the curse still hunts everything today...

The War (The Nutcracker Poem) (Part 1 of poetry night)

Shots like arrows,
Directed at death's pace,
One hope above all,
Imagine the world,
War in every continent,
Flying in the air,
What's going on?
No one knows.

Without warning,
War stops,
And peace begins,
The cold winter air,
How long will the peace last?
Or should I say,
How long till the next war?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Poetry Night dealy

I'm sorry but it'll be delayed until further notice :(