Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Mystery of Australia's Past 2 Chapter 5

As Jeod raced through the forest floor, he heard more screams. He raced through the time portal, to get Cracker, one of his dog were he left him. He took Cracker through the time portal, and gave him a piece of Jacks shirt a crew member found. "Here boy, sniff it."Cracker sniffed the piece of cloth and like a jet zoomed out to find Jack. "Follow Cracker!"said Jeod. He and a group tracked Cracker through the rain forest. When they found he he was looking at Jack. "Jack whats wrong." asked Jeod. "A Bi...g Bir...ddd..." Jeod head a noise from the bushes behind him. He didn't need to look behind him. "Everyone... run!"...

To be continued...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Mystery of Australia's Past 2 Chapter 4

"Wow, this is awesome!"said one of the staff. "Alright guys!"said Jeod."let get all the plants we can find!" The crew split up into the forest and plains. "Hey there are huge lizard and hogs!""I knew exploring here wasn't going to be easy" he thought. "Okay, were coming with tranquilizer guns." They tranquilized, tracked, and boxed the animals and loaded the plant seeds." Ahhhhhhh" someone screamed in the destines. "Who was that."said the crew. "Jack isn't here!" said Jeod. He heard another scream. "Hold on Jack!..."

To be Continued...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Missions (Season 1-3 Preview)

When I get Zoo tycoon 2, I will make a picto-story every month called Missions.

Season 1: Rain forests

Mission: Costa Rica
Mission: Indonesia
Mission: Madagascar
Mission: Amazon
Mission: El Yunque
Mission: Congo

Season 2: Extinction

Mission: North America (75 MYA, Habitat: Coastal, Boreal forest)
Mission: South America (1 MYA, Habitat: Grassland, Boreal forest)
Mission: Africa (110 MYA, Habitat: Wetland, Desert)
Mission: China (125 MYA, Habitat: Tropical rainforest)
Mission: Scotland (300 MYA, Habitat: Wetlands)
Mission: Siberia (150,000, Habitat: Tundra)
Mission: Montana (65 MYA, Habitat: Ash fields)
Mission: Tasmania (4 MYA, Habitat: Temperate forest)

Season 3: Arctic

Mission: North America
Mission: Russia

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Mystery of Australia's Past 2 Chapter 3

"Impossible!" said Jack. "Dodos!" said Jeod. The dodos were blue with a white tail. "Hey ,I have a idea." said Jeod. "What?". "How about we save them from extinction?". "Good idea Jeod". They took them one by one back to there time. "Man there heavvvvvvyyyyyyyyyy."Once they had them in an enclosure they went back to find some extinct plants and more animals with the rest of the crew. But in the forest was a deadly secret...

To b continued...